Who are the Leeds Morris Men

A cotswold Morris Dancing side in Leeds, West Yorkshire

Leeds Morris Men are a Morris Dancing cotswold side from Leeds in West Yorkshire. We have been morris dancing for several decades, and mainly dance out in kit in the summer months. We dance out in several locations mainly outside pubs around the Leeds area, and various festivals and weekends. We dance for the public's enjoyment, for other morris dancers, and also for ourselves.

How to recognise a Leeds Morris Man

Leeds Morris Men kit

The Leeds Morris Men kit consists of black shoes, white socks, white shirt and trousers with a baldrick in Leeds University colours of white, burgundy and green.

Most men wear a burgundy waistcoat and many wear a straw hat decorated with ribbons, dried, fresh or artificial flowers, and badges.The waistcoat carries an embroidered badge showing the Leeds owl from the city's coat of arms.


The baldric is burgundy with a white Yorkshire rose on the front and white and green ribbons on the back.


The bell-pads are covered with white, maroon and green ribbon. Armlets in club colours are worn at the elbows.


Leeds Morris Men hold practices every Thursday evening in term time from September to April, currently at Headingley Parish Hall, St Michael's Lane. Practices start at 7.45pm and end at 9.45pm.

If you would like to join us for practice, then come and talk to us on a dance out, or e-mail our squire at squire@leedsmorris.org.uk

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Public performances:

From May to August Leeds Morris Men perform their dances in Leeds and the surrounding area.

We are always looking for new places to dance. If you want your pub to be considered, then don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to see you at one of our dance outs. Check out where we will be dancing here.

Leeds Morris Men at Otley in 2012