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Norman Peacock plays for the men in Clapham on the Millennium Dales Tour: 27 May 2000

Exhaustion! Team photo at the end of the Millennium "Horsforth Mile" - May 2000

The last time we danced our day-long Horsforth Mile was in 2005. Here is the final show.

Our Dales Tour takes us to the lovely villages of Wharfedale and Wensleydale. Here Bob Price and Phil Kirk dance Queen's Delight Bucknell in Askrigg. 

Our fool, Moss Ambrose, in mid-harangue at Kettlewell on the Dales Tour 2007

One of our younger members, Simon Matthews, rises a prodigious distance off the ground in Old Tom of Oxford (Bampton) July 2008

The Millennium Rose: A set including two of our founder members gets the Spring Bank Holiday Monday tour underway: 10.00am at Kettlewell,  29 May  2000

William and Nancy Bledington at Kettlewell, 2007.

Dancing in Bruges on the April 2006 tour.

Bob Price, Brian Willimott and Mike Chandler play for massed morris at Kettlewell, 2007


Dancing at Hubberholme on the Dales Tour in 2004 or 2005

Norman dancing at Kettlewell

Dancing in Adderbury during the 2007 Cotswolds Tour 

Dancing in Lytham during Lytham Club Day 2007. This is one of our annual commitments.

Ken Barker puts younger men to shame with his vertical elevation; Lotherton Hall, August 2008.

The chaos that is the final "Bonny Green Garters" of the Dales Tour.



Pointing the way at Buckden on the 2005 Dales Tour: Shepherd's Hey ("Signposts") Field Town.

Two sets tackle Young Collins, Bledington at Kettlewell on the 2007 Dales Tour.

How to rise off the ground in Kettlewell no. 1. Dales Tour 2007.

How to rise off the ground in Kettlewell no. 2. Dales Tour 2007.

We hope we brought luck to the Bride (and Groom!)

How to combine pugilism and dancing? The end of an Oddington dance during the "Horsforth Mile" 2001

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