Photo Gallery - the 1980's  



Presentation to Bill Barrett at the Dales Tour, 1989.

This is the photograph we presented to Bill (Squire 1952 - 72). It shows 32 members of the club who had gathered specially for the occasion.

Dancing during the  Whitchurch Morris Men's weekend of dance, 1985. Amongst the dancers, Barry Chatterton, Steve Sykes, Ben Coggan, Terry Warwick.

Colin Sutcliffe playing during the Whitchurch weekend in 1985.

Another dance during the 1985 Whitchurch weekend of dance.

On the same weekend, Steve Fairholme, Joe Oakley, Colin Sutcliffe and Barry Chatterton watch the Thaxted men dance.

Dancing Leapfrog (Fieldtown) on grass at Gildersome, 1985. Barry Chatteron leaps, John Hayward prepares to.

The "old man's set" at Gargrave on the 1987 Dales Tour.

Gargrave again, two years later. The men wait for the show to begin. The fool is in mid harangue (as usual).

Taken on the Briggate Weekend of Dance in 1988.

This is the start of the Dales Tour in May 1986 - we are dancing in a cool and cloudy Ilkley.

Leeds Morris Men in Dortmund on the club's first foreign visit, 1989.

Waiting for the Punch and Judy man to return to his booth: Briggate weekend of dance, 1988

The fool gives Dick a stern talking-to on the harbourside at Whitby; August 1988

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