The Leeds Morris Men Officers

Squire: Dave

The Squire leads the side. In the most part this involves calling the dances, or making decisions on certain aspects of the club's direction. The Squire chairs the AGM meeting, and speaks on behalf of the club.

Contact our Squire at

Dave Wass

Bagman: Alastair H and Moss

The Bagman acts as the secretary of the club. He takes bookings, and organises dance outs, supporting the Squire.

Contact our bagman at for potential dance outs


Dales Tour Bagman and Fool: Moss

Leeds have had their Fool for several years. The fool acts as a conduit between the dancers and the audience. Talking to audience, introducing the dances and dancing through the dance often taking members of the audience with him.

He also organises the annual Dales tour every year, involving a lot of organisation including camping, nourishment, dance locations and coaches.

If you want to contact our fool regarding the Dales Tour the e-mail address is

Treasurer: Steve

The Treasurer looks after the money. They write the cheques, take money from other clubs for events, and make sure that all the Leeds Morris Men have paid for other events.