Photo Gallery - the 1970's  




Dancing at a Fete in the Summer of 1972. The side includes Bob Allison, John Schwarzenbach, Bob Pick, Bill Smith and Vic Ellis.


A sunny afternoon in Malham on the Dales Tour in 1975. Dancers: Keith Constable, Ellis Tinsley, John Schwarzenbach, Mike Booth, Tony Dunning. The fool is Allan Jarvis.


Dancing at Castle Hill, Skipton, on a Dales Tour in the Mid-70's. L to R: Malcolm Pittwood, Malcolm Flitman, unknown, Vic Ellis, unknown, John Schwarzenbach.


From the same Castle Hill show: L to R: Norman Peacock, guest, John Schwarzenbach, Vic Ellis, Bill Smith, Ken Barker. Allan Jarvis on pipe-and-tabor.


Vic Elis and Graham Bishop from the same Castle Hill show


Castle Hill again: the dancers are Mike Booth, Vic Ellis, John Schwarzenbach and Keith Constable. In the background can be seen Malcolm Pittwood and Ken Fox.


From a mid-70's Dales Tour, location unknown - probably Otley. L to R: Graham Bishop, Dave Nelson, Allan Jarvis, Vic Ellis (partially obscured) Malcolm Pittwood, Ken Barker.


A posed photo for Leeds Council's publicity section: L to R: Colin Sutcliffe Keith Penny, Steve Fairholme, Derek Matthews, Ken Barker, John Hayward, Roy Simcox.


Dancing in Long Preston during a Dales Tour, mid-70's. L to R: Mike Booth, Joe Thompson, unidentified, Keith Constable, Joe Jarvis, Chris Hillier. Though the two latter are wearing St Albans kit, both were members of LMM.


Another Long Preston show, year not known. Allan Jarvis, Norman Peacock, Bob Williams, Ken Barker,  Bill Smith.


Leeds Morris Men attend the Derby Day of Dance in 1974. The men are Bob Williams (melodeon) Allan Jarvis, Ken Fox, unknown, Jim Cook, Bob Pick, Bob Shakespeare.


From a mid-70's Dales Tour, location unknown but thought to be Otley. L to R: Malcolm Pittwood, Dave Nelson, Ken Barker, Graham Bishop, Vic Ellis, Allan Jarvis.


Dancing in Gargrave on the 1974 Dales Tour. The dancers are Doug Whiteley, Allan Jarvis, Ross McLeod, Dave Nelson, Malcolm Pittwood, Chris Reeve. We think this was taken during the Handsworth Ring Meeting in 1974.


Headington Trunkles, a favourite dance of ours during the 1970's. Allan Jarvis on pipe-and-tabor, Vic Ellis, Ken Barker, Bob Shakespeare, Doug Whiteley, Chris Reeve.


Leeds Morris Men at a Ring Meeting. Kenneth Loveless is our guest musician.


Dancing at Hellifield in 1974. The men are Allan Jarvis, Ellis Tinsley, Vic Ellis, Norman Peacock, Keith Constable and Bob Williams.


Dancing outside Sparth House, Malham during the Dales Tour in 1976. Holding his fiddle case: John Carey; dancing: Roy Simcox, Guy Montgomery, Malcolm Pittwood, Glyn Tomkins, Don Mason, Martin Luck.


Dales Tour 1975: location unknown. The dancers are Keith Constable, Vic Ellis, Joe Thompson, Norman Peacock, Bruce Taylor and Mike Booth.


Dickie Pollard holds the cake aloft as Ellis Tinsley, Mike Booth, John Schwarzenbach and Bill Barrett get the Monday tour under way at Kettlewell. May 1974.


From a show on the Saturday of the Dales Tour, 1976. The dancers are Martin Luck, Guy Montgomery, Malcolm Pittwood Bob Shakespeare and Giles Adams.


Derby Morris men's Day of Dance, 1974. Bob Williams plays melodeon. The three dancers facing the camera are Ken Fox, Jim Cook and Bob Shakespeare.

These are virtually the only photographs we have of the Leeds Morris Men  dancing in the 1970's. If you have any in your collection that you are willing to share with us please let us know by emailing

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